To help others achieve true health and financial independence using cutting edge health technologies combined with a global network of distribution centres.


Our lifestyle is dedicated to raising awareness of the sacredness and importance of Water for individual and global health.
We travel globally offering our service to inspire, grow and foster true health, abundance and freedom.
We help people transform their health and finances.
WAI is Hawaiian for water.
WAIWAI is affluence and abundance. 
A free lifestyle, flowing in total abundance is the


Our Water temple is based in Hawaii, on the garden isle of KAUAI.
In the temple we offer sacred water, education, music events, meditation, yoga, cleanses and other wellbeing services.


Tanya Kwan

I share my story of how I learned the power of water though a 17 day Kangen water fast.

After which I no longer needed Thyroid medication. 


I incorporate cleansing and detoxing to keep my body temple clear and clean.

I love to empower women to achieve optimum health and create a successful independent business.

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Shaun Simmons

My life flows like water, with a love of music, health, yoga, meditation and surfing. 

Using my life as an art project, I realized the body can set you free and we can tune this body to be a semiconductor of God.


Sharing my personal story, to empower others and being a member of a tribe of high vibrational beings motivates me in every moment. 


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